T4T Training Day

In the last few weeks we have made mention of our visit to Airds (suburb of Campbelltown NSW).  We drove up to spend a day with a guy called Tim Scheuer [pronounced “Shire” I think].  He was formerly the Director of the Church Army in Australia.  The Church Army is like an Anglican version of the Salvation Army.  They train and place evangelistic workers in Anglican Churches around Australia. Through Tim’s focus the Church Army has been training church planters and have made some mileage in some of the worst suburbs in Australia.  Three years ago Tim resigned from the job as Director in order to plant a church in Airds.  During that time he has seen God do some amazing things in the lives of some very needy people.
He is connected with a group around the world called “Church Planting Movements” [www.churchplantingmovements.com].  This group have been observing and seeking to learn from people and work around the world where churches are being planted in exponential numbers.  In particular where they are seeing amazing generational growth [i.e. disciples who make disciples who make disciples and churches that plant churches that plant churches).  Some of these are currently seeing in excess of seventeen generations of increase.
Since we are seeking to learn how to make disciples who are then able to make disciples we have asked Tim to come to Canberra once a quarter for a year and do training with people who would be willing to learn, the put into practice and to train others.  The story of this particular tool is in a book called “T4T A Discipleship Re-revolution.”  It tells the story and articulates the insights from a church planting guy in China called Ying Kai.
If you would be willing to be part of a group to take part in this training, the first training session will be on Tuesday May 15th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm here at Grace Canberra.  Some of you will have to work out a way to take a day off from work, but I can guarantee that this stuff is more than worth it.  It will cost $50 for the day which will include a copy of the book and a manual.  The main outcome we are looking for is to learn to use some tools that will help us in our own work of proclaiming the gospel to the people in our spheres.
Talk to Brian, Glen or Rachel if you are interested in joining what will be a pilot project group.  This is definitely our stuff and I can guarantee that the day will genuinely provide practical tools for getting the job done.  Tim is a great bloke.  He is passionate, articulate and down to earth.  He has graciously agreed to coach us for a year.  Everything we learn will be able to be implemented in our daily lives.
This is a year of “completing the uncompleted work” (Zechariah 2 and 4).  This stuff will be right in line with what God has been speaking to us about.