Sharing Your Testimony

A few of us at Grace have recently started spending time learning about the T4T (Training for Trainers) discipleship process. One of the aspects of T4T is practicing the process of writing down your testimony and then sharing your faith with someone inside 3 minutes.

As part of our journey to becoming better as sharing the Gospel, we’re started giving people the opportunity of practicing doing this in our Sunday gatherings, with the express purpose of getting better at sharing our faith with others (we sure need practice at this!).

First, you have a compelling story!

Everyone has a unique testimony – and everyone’s testimony is amazing! Don’t think “I couldn’t do this because my testimony is boring/standard/unusual/weird/lame/etc” – that’s just not true!

And don’t think that it’s a lot of work to put a testimony together. If you’ll set aside 10 minutes, you’ll have something compelling that is worth sharing, and in the next few steps, we’ll show you how!

Second, set aside 10 minutes

All you need is 10 minutes to brainstorm your story. So make a nice hot coffee, grab a biro and a sheet of a paper, and enjoy the creative journey.

Split your page up into three sections:

  • Before I met Christ;
  • How I met Christ; and
  • Since I met Christ

You want to spend about a minute in each section, so make some notes in each section so that cover off your story.

You don’t need to exaggerate or talk things up. Your story is your story, and it’s amazing. Just say what you genuinely experienced in each of those phases. Take time in the “how I met Christ” to explain what that looked like for you – so people know exactly what happened and how they can experience it too. Talk honestly about your life before and after Christ – how you have dealt with struggles and trials are just as important as the exciting stuff.

Third, practice telling it in three minutes (to a real life friendly person)

Once you have a draft, sit down with an egg timer set at three minutes, and run through your story.  Set aside roughly one minute to “before I met Christ”, one minute to “how I met Christ”, and the final minute to “since I met Christ”.

If you’d like a sample one, I’ve put mine up on the Website to give you an idea. I talk a bit fast, but it will give you a rough idea for timing. I’m just learning it about this too! You can play it here: Glen Smith’s Testimony in 3 Minutes. If you’re looking for another sample, you can also listen to Brian Medway’s Testimony in 3 Minutes. We’ll keep adding samples at the end of the article.

Once you’ve had a practice on your own, the next step is important in tuning things up. Pick someone you know well, who will give you some honest feedback to help you. Set yourself an egg timer, and off you go. Ask the person you shared with which parts of the testimony where unclear/out of order/used religious language, and they’ll give you a few ideas for sharpening things up.

Fourth, go share it with someone who doesn’t know Jesus

Now that you’ve practiced your testimony, look for a great opportunity to share it with someone who doesn’t know Jesus. You’ll be surprised how the Holy Spirit will open doors for you to share your story and Jesus story with all kinds of folk that he has been preparing.

If you’d like to share your story at Grace, we’d love to hear it. Send an email to and we’ll lock in an upcoming Sunday for you to share your story.


Some More Sample Testimonies