News from the Hush’s

Hushes Prayer Update July 2013

Dear Friends,

Rachel asked me to provide a brief update about what’s been happening with Karen and I as a way to better inform you about things we would value prayer for at this time. We are so thankful to God and grateful for the consistent prayer and support that we have received, especially during this gospel of the kingdom adventure as managers of the Gold Creek Chapel, which if anyone can believe it, is fast drawing to a close at the end of a 3 year relationship in that place.

Since we began the journey during the twilight of 2010, we have hosted and served nearly 500 weddings (each with a separate rehearsal), about 50 memorials and nearly 100 baby celebrations.  Of these events in the time we’ve lived next door to the Chapel, I have personally had the privilege of conducting 81 of the weddings (with a further 20 not at the Chapel), over 30 of the baby ceremonies and half a dozen memorials.

The decision to lease the business and rent the house from the owners was always going to be a fairly close call financially but the kingdom representative journey has simply been overwhelming and has repeatedly fortified the faith that Karen and I have in the original call to do this for 3 years.     Each day we thank God for both the testing reality of the responsibility we have ‘to pay Caesar what is Caesar’s and for the transforming work we have witnessed in people as God has time and time again replaced the lies of law and religion with his grace and truth.

We finish up as managers on the 30th September this year. On the 1st of October, the day of our 8th wedding anniversary, Karen and I will move into whatever God has planned for us next, and that still isn’t clear as I write this note.

What is clear is that a month or so ago we agreed on what we were both hearing from God. That at the very least we would consider the kingdom relationships that God had shown us favour for, motivation enough for us to begin church planting at 5 Maccas in the region, each McCafe chosen for its proximity to the 5 largest groups of residences where couples I have married live.  I started conducting an online survey 12 months ago and out of just over 200 surveys of couples I’ve married since 2008, 165 couples registered that they would like to continue exploring what this God connection between us could look like.  The responses ranged from very general interest to a genuinely deep desire.

So, I have informed all the couples (and a few others) that I am committed to making myself available for whatever THEY want to talk about for a couple of hours or so every week from the June long weekend until the end of August at Gold Creek Maccas on Sundays from 10am, and after 5pm on Mondays at Conder Maccas, Tuesdays at Charnwood, Wednesdays at Queanbeyan and Thursdays at Weston Creek Maccas. Karen and I pray whilst I am at each venue, that however I’m approached and whatever the agenda of any conversation that occurs, that somehow those who take the opportunity will see more of Jesus as a result and somehow receive something more of the good news that can transform their lives.

To date, some have dropped by on the scheduled days, some have texted me, some have emailed me (it is after all the coldest time of year) and all in all there have been 35 connections that I would call kingdom conversations with definite indications of more to come. The plan that God gave us was to NOT prescribe a way of meeting, to just hang out at Maccas because these venues are already a part of their consistent culture (i.e. good car parking, playgrounds for children, easy accessibility, safe spaces with plenty of background noise and of course COFFEE! etc.)

At the end of August we will see who is connecting regularly and work out the next phase with the Holy Spirit at that time.

So, here is a summary of our current prayer points:-

–          Health and energy for the final 2 months of the Chapel effort and that those we come in contact with, including the owners and the Chapel’s new hosts will continue to see Jesus as they interact with us

–          Miraculous provision for whatever we need financially as we transition out of the business with all bills paid

–          Wisdom about what tent making responsibilities to accept and take up in the short term so that the church planting effort doesn’t rely on investment by seeking and fledgling respondents to the gospel. (One of the big things in this space is that Karen and I, alongside other current supporters who have offered prophetic input over recent days, are convinced that God wants to release Karen from all responsibilities which get in the way of developing her music arrangement, production and development skills; all areas she is actually qualified in but hasn’t yet really had the chance to see the potential of)

–          Clarity about the shape and operation of Heartland Ministries as a mission support hub for this next season.  The only specific word about this we’ve received since June is that Heartland’s priority is ‘To Start, Support, & Sustain kingdom of God ways to do church that ONLY Jesus can build’

Thanks again for your love and support as always and for allowing us to share in this way.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to get more of the picture or if you’d just like to shoot the breeze over a coffee or two.

Love & blessings

Graeme & Karen Hush