News from Cambodia

We love getting updates from our Grace Family overseas and here is some news from Geoff and Shirley Capon. We miss you guys!

Geoff and Shirley Capon

I guess you could say that we have really settled in well now. We are both having language lessons – about 2 hours a week. While we know a lot of words and can put a sentence together ( if you give us 10 minutes to work it out), both of us have trouble understanding what anyone is saying to us! I’m sure people say the same about understanding English, but we appreciate that more now.
Right at the moment we are at the Field Conference, which is being held at Sihanoukville, which is down on the coast. It has been an inspirational time of worship and prayer as well as gaining an understanding of all the different ministries being undertaken in this very poor country. There are so many needs and so little workforce. Our main aim though is to train and mentor local people into these roles and to work alongside them to encourage and build up their faith, so that they can stand firm when things don’t go so well.
Geoff is working mainly in Administration, especially helping with documents that need good English. There are only 4 of us on the team ( 3 Aussies and one from NZ) who have English as a first language, so he has been busy correcting many documents. We had a good laugh during prayer time at the conference today as both Geoff and my names were mispronounced by our colleagues! It’s strange to think that our names are unusual! Geoff is also teaching English two mornings a week at a local Khmer church, where students can learn for free and take in some scripture teaching while they learn English.
Shirley is working mostly in Vocational Education which is one of the major branches of the work here. We offer training to students who have not completed many years of education through difficult family situations. They are a joy to teach, so grateful and happy to learn. As well as practical skills, they have Life Skills lessons and English classes.
We love working in the team here. We have people from every continent which is a delight in itself. So we are not only learning to understand Khmer culture but also the interesting facets of working with a multicultural team. But the family of God is so beautiful that it has been an absolute joy to make all these new friends from all over the world.
We are involved in a great church, which also has people from very continent. We decided on an Expat church  and with it an Expat home group as we can all share in prayer for the various ministries we are involved in. There is amazing work being done in this country by so many Christian organisations and the Khmer church here is alive and well with many young people coming to know The Lord through the generous work of many people. But there is so much more ….
I could go on and on but you probably don’t have unending space. We are so lucky that we have avenues like Facebook and internet to help us feel closer to home, and we still feel that we are part of you when we can pray for people at Grace when we get the requests through Brian. So we really appreciate that. There is a need for more financial resources here so if you ever feel like a fund raising event ….. Just let me know!!
We would value prayer for:
. Faster learning of the language
. We need to hear from God about whether we come home next year or stay longer
. The energy to be involved in the right number of projects – there are so many and it is tempting to keep putting our hands up and then get exhausted especially in the heat and humidity here.
We would like to send our love and blessings to you all.
Geoff and Shirley