News from Malcolm & Ingrid

Dear friends and family,Malcolm & Ingrid

We have been away now for 1 ½ months and we are settled well into our little apartment in Leipzig near the Peace park.
Our time in Taiwan was well worth it and although we saw very little of our “Taiwanese” grandsons, we connected with a lot of significant people we have known for at least 12 years and spent quality time with them. It was also wonderful to see Grace and Vincent again in Singapore  both times we came through and little Hallie  has  wanted to call us Grandma and Grandpa, so we have picked up another one!!! “Jonathan” is growing well and it will be another 2 weeks before he sees this world. They are very grateful to you all who prayed for them. We are not sure which way we will come home as we are buying our tickets from here, but maybe we will choose Singapore again.
From Taiwan we raced to Leipzig- literally. Malcolm had made sure that we had day flights all the way which we prefer, so we stayed overnight in Singapore with Grace and Vincent and checked  into a hotel in Frankfurt right next to the train station and then arrived just 4 hours before our neighbours, Tom and Moira. Although they were in a different apartment from us in Leipzig we spent more or less the whole week together doing a lot of fun things esp going to Dresden for 2 days. It was Moira’s birthday on the Wednesday and I had asked the reception to leave a long stemmed red rose, some good pralines and a bottle of prosecco in their room  on arrival which they followed through with a b’day card and Moira was speechless. So that worked! We went out to a lovely( vegetarian) restaurant there and when we came home there was a group of young opera singers standing in front of the Frauenkirche( The church that was completely bombed and completely rebuilt ) The two girls and the young man who sounded like Pavarotti captured Tom’s heart as that to him was the best experience! I went up to them and talked to them, of course, and found out that they were from Poland and were trying to earn some money. When we had finished we hugged. I am just so sorry that I didn’t get their e-mail so I could have invited them to our golden wedding anniversary in April!!!next year.
When Tom and Moira left we still had a week before we could get into our “proper apartment’. So we found another one as the one we were in was taken. We had the offer of a friend’s place but it was on the second floor without a lift. I am not so well any longer that I could undertake that. My left wrist is getting worse and my swollen legs are a real problem. My cousin and her husband who are both doctors talked to us extensively when they were here and were very concerned about this as they suspect that the flaps in the lymph glands don’t work properly any longer and so make the whole flow of this difficult. I am now wearing compression stockings daily ( in this heat of 27 is  a challenge) I am also going to my physio who is giving me lymph drainage which the Germans swear by and the doctors in Oz poopoo. My cousin says that it would definitely help, so a lot of our money is going into that as the insurance won’t pay, we suspect. However, Malcolm insists on it and I get bandaged up afterwards. I feel frumpy, old and fat, BUT- you know what- every day is a new day and I am trying to live abundantly in it as far as I can.
Yesterday I went by train to Bad Lausick( not that that means anything to you), but Mr Wartig was at the station and took me to his allotment where his wife was waiting. She is the Post office lady round the corner from us  I befriended 3 years ago and we have become such good friends. They have , of course, come through the GDR times well and although they would not want to go back to it, we have had a good and honest talk about all of that and I was also able to say that there
were people who suffered under the regime if they were outspoken Christians and whose children could not study and prosper and they accepted that wholeheartedly, simply because we had become friends and they trusted that relationship. Really interesting. They want Malcolm to come out as well. They have a real house on their allotment, a DACHA!!
We have had some really good sermons in our church called ELIM and last Sunday the old pastor whom we knew from 12 years ago had come back and preached. It was a joy to listen to him. He must just about be the best GERMAN preacher we have ever heard. Since we have stayed in e-mail contact I arranged a luncheon afterwards with all sorts of old  friends that either were still in the church or had left and it was a great fun.
On the Saturday before a friend had taken us to the HARZ mountains which operates a small train that reaches the highest point in Germany. We could see far to the North on the top and then it started to rain  and we ran to get the train back and as we were all wet, the compartments steamed up like a Turkish bath! It was hilarious. We had also taken with us our Brazilian heart surgeon friend who brought along a Rumanian cardiologist who was a fascinating young man, very focused and eager to learn from his upcomming CPR Classes in Houston. He seemed very busy and organized. His grandparents were imprisoned under Ceaucescu as his grandfather was an Orthodox priest, his parents both professionals only had this one child who then goes and studies in France and Germany and speaks 5 languages fluently. His German was heavily accented , but his vocabulary was huge. We had a lot of fun. We are hoping to have them over for dinner some time soon, so we can talk a bit further!! They are also organising for me to have a free echo cardiogram. I think that’s what it is.
This week I need to get a lot of things done, like my hair  and toe nails cut, lymph drainage twice and getting ready for my big trip around Germany and Holland for 12 days to see my 5 girlfriends. I need to stack the fridge with food and get all of Malcolm’s shirts clean and ironed etc. Thank goodness the cleaners are coming this week and bringing fresh linen which is beaut.
Anyway, we are well, sort of, and enjoying the summer. Went to a never before performed 16thc opera on Sunday night and we suspect Malcolm lost his mobile phone there which had been given to him as a pressie in Taiwan by Stacy. So that was a bit traumatic as we now can’t contact each other easily as I was also given an HTC as a gift. Malcolm is working hard and getting ready for his talk during a conference. He is wonderful to me and I treasure him
Must stop, you are probably fed up with my drivel.
We miss you very much
Blessings and hugsIngrid and Malcolm

P.S. We had a phone call from the taxi driver who took us back after the opera as it pelted down and he found it in the back of his car when he cleaned it!!! However, Malcolm has already bought a new one ( very cheap) and has now been trying to put the new Simcard into the old lost phone and for 2 days it would not accept it until phoned today and got a very nice young man with NO accent on the phone saying he will unlock the sim and get it ready in 3 hours!!!!! PLEASE!!!