News From Korea – Day 1

Brian has sent us some news from Korea. He would like us to keep up with what’s going on while he’s away and would also really appreciate your prayers for him and the people he’s travelling with. Thanks Family!


It was good to be with all the Korean people again last night. The conference is being held in a large Methodist Church in Ilsan. the pastor is a great bloke who is one of the leading Methodist guys in South Korea but also fully committed to the 274 Alliance. His name is Pastor Park. We arrived just as a young girl from North Korea was telling her story of coming to know God – in North Korea – and then seeking to defect. she was caught twice and jailed but escaped. Eventually she got into China and then into Vietnam and finally (2013) to South Korea. Her story is tragic and horrible but also powerful. She is training at a Bible College and wants to support ministry that serves her fellow believers in North Korea. The story of suffering, starvation and deprivation is just terrible. I felt sick in my stomach as I listened to her. She is only a young woman, maybe between 25 and 30.

It was great to see Jeremiah Son last night. He is not running the Conference at all. It is all being done by the younger guys, but they all still relate to him in a very healthy way – so he was sitting with us last night right up the back. After we returned to the place where we are staying (a business apartment hotel in downtown Ilsan) he invited Daesop and I to a cafe where a bunch of the leaders were having coffee after the meeting. Even though I was really tired by this time (2:00 am Aussie time) it was really good to meet them all. There are some Japanese pastors here who are seeing amazing breakthrough in making disciples in Tokyo. They operate out of a basement place in the centre of the city. The main guy is once again a young bloke with a passion for Jesus.

After breakfast we are going to the Kazakhstan Embassy. Pastor Joseph Kim (who we are going with to Uzbek and Kazakh) will take us. We need to be praying that God will give us favour and that they will grant the visa in the two day period we have before we leave. Then back to the conference for the rest of the day. I will be speaking in the final session tomorrow night. I am sharing that session with one of the other older guys who is a father to all that is going on through 274 Alliance, so the “fathers” will get the last say.

Basically we have these two days of sessions in the Conference. There are between 1000 and 2000 people here and they are mainly young people. There are leaders from most countries in Asia as well as the MIddle East, Europe and the US. I have’t quite got across that yet but will find out more today. This conference is being sponsored by four different groups in South Korea. It seems to be patterned on what we were part of last January. I will be speaking on Thursday night. On Friday we fly out (around 6:00 pm for Tashkent. Pastor Kim says that they are very excited to have this team we have coming. None of those people are attending this conference because they are putting their effort into what will happen there. I have no idea how all that will work, but Pastor Kim is excited and I am sharing his anticipation. It is not quite as cold this year. Only minus 2 last night. No snow at the moment.

Will write again soon,



Ocean Conference

This was taken at the conference – Ocean which stands for One Church Engaging All Nations