Easter Supper – Jesus Burial

Jesus Burial

Can you imagine what Jesus friends and family were going through that day? First, they felt the deep sadness that comes when somebody you love dies. Then, there were all the strange things that happened right when Jesus died. Was this the end of their time with Jesus?  Had He done everything He said He would do? They knew in their hearts that Jesus was the Messiah – the special Savior that God had promised His people in the Old Testament. does ivermectin kill lice in horses   They were there when He worked miracles, taught about God’s Kingdom, and brought life and hope to many people.  They knew about His special birth. They believed that was the one and only Son of the Living God.

But, they were still confused about what kind of Savior Jesus really was. Was He going to save them from the Romans? Or was there something even much worse that He was saving them from? What did that mean now that Jesus was dead? They knew Jesus had told them that He would have to die.  In their hearts, they probably had a hard time thinking it would actually happen – especially in such a horrible way.  They were caught by surprise. All the things they had hoped for were now turned up-side-down. They took the One who brought them life, and placed Him in a cold tomb.  Then the stone was rolled over the entrance and a Roman seal was placed on the stone to make sure it would never move. All of those things were like big signs to them that said, “Jesus is gone. Your time with Him is over.”

Mark 15:42-47

42-45 Late in the afternoon, since it was the Day of Preparation (that is, Sabbath eve), Joseph of Arimathea, a highly respected member of the Jewish Council, came. He was one who lived expectantly, on the lookout for the kingdom of God. Working up his courage, he went to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. Pilate questioned whether he could be dead that soon and called for the captain to verify that he was really dead. Assured by the captain, he gave Joseph the corpse. ivermectina precio farmacia ahorro

46-47 Having already purchased a linen shroud, Joseph took him down, wrapped him in the shroud, placed him in a tomb that had been cut into the rock, and rolled a large stone across the opening. Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of Joses, watched the burial. sklice (ivermectin)