More News From the West

This is the memorial to the sinking of HMAS Sydney:
The lady is supposed to depict a girlfriend or wife of a sailor who is watching and waiting for her sailor man to come home.  One of the funny little things about her is that she was put there before they found the wreck of the boat – and it is in a very different direction to where she is looking, but it was enough for the cartoonist to use as a comment the day the news of the discovery came through.  It was quite a way up the coast, closer to Carnarvon, but it WAS some blokes from Geraldton who found the wreck on the bottom of the ocean.  Another local bit of humour is a boatload of Indonesian people set out to find a better life in another country, but when they landed  at Geraldton they were heading for New Zealand and were very disappointed to find out that it was Australia.  I guess I know a few million people across the ditch who would agree with them.
Will be here till tomorrow night.  Sunday I am driving down to Green Head to take part in a meeting there and then on to Perth in time to catch the red-eye.  Back in Canberra by 8:30 Monday morning.
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