Watt’s Happening On DTS Missions Trip – Week 1

We have been here serving on the Arafura Games which is like commonwealth games for nations around Australia.

We served at the track and field for the first two mornings (really a sudden adjustment to Darwin weather as we were outside) but we were able to connect with athletes, team officials and dignitaries. Had some great connections with athletes from Brunei and Fiji.

Then we also served as time keepers at the pool for two evenings. We were able to witness this amazing young woman from Rabat in the multi-class division who swam freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly with no arms. What a feat. She and he mum a r e believers and you could tell by the glow on her face.

The last two mornings we’ve served near the beach volleyball doing kid’s activities but the adults get right into it.

Attached some photos of Derek from Fiji who lost both legs serving in the British Army (lovely man – so motivated to mobilise young Fijian who’ve lost limbs through diabetes, etc) and  volleyball officials from Kalimantan in Borneo, Indonesia. The coach introduced himself by name and told me he was Muslim so I introduced myself by name and said I was Christian. We had a good laugh.

We have a rest day tomorrow then travel Saturday to Singapore for the second leg.

The other photo is of a couple from Beijing who are tourists. We had a great chat.

Blessings, Steve.