Watts Happening On DTS Missions Trip – Week 2

So this past week has been insanely busy for us with every day full, coupled with “summer” heat of 34C (but feeling like 42C with the humidity).

We meet with the Singapore base corporately a couple of times a week for worship and intercession. This means being on a bus at 7.30am.

We did an orientation to Singapore last Monday, and this meant  a treasure hunt around some of Singapore finding out some of its history. It also allowed us to connect with people. I meet two Indian men in transit to Tokyo for an IT contract. Two of the gir l s got to pray for an Indian woman

Tuesday morning we went to a 6 30am city wide prayer meeting that has been running every Tuesday for over 6 years. They gave a city wide, all churches evangelistic series of meetings on 19 -21 May in National Stadium, with two meetings fully booked already.

Tuesday evening we prayer walked the red light district in groups trying to connect with people. Singapore YWAM have been doing this for a number of years.

Wednesday we prayer walked Arab Street (Ramadan is on) looking for opportunities to share with cousins. In the evening YWAM opened up their facilities for a bbq that the local community were invited to. Geylang district is the centre of drug dealing and prostitution and a difficult but needy area.

Thursday and Friday mornings we did some land clearing in a house that Singapore YWAM have acquired to use as a juvenile half way house.

On Thursday evening we went a bazaar that is held during Ramadan each year.

Saturday afternoon/evening we went to Zion Full Gospel youth and had an amazing time sharing about God’s heart for the lost, then yesterday we went to Christ Methodist and had a great time of worship.

This is an amazing city full of opportunities. The Christian population of the city has been around 18% for over 10 years and the churches are really focused on changing this. On the beach front near us hundreds of immigrant workers sleep in the open as they look for work and housing. So many needs disappear in this modern city (reminds me of home).

Leonie joins us in a week as we go to Kuala Lumpur (she needs to see some finances come in still) and we have two school chapels Wednesday and Thursday morning in a “christian” school where only 10% of the teenagers profess a faith.

We will also be working with over 1000 other volunteers at Celebration of Hope next weekend.

Phew, tired just remembering the past week.

I’ll send a few photos separately.

Missing the Grace gang,