Watts Happening On DTS Missions Trip – Week 3


Three weeks already.

This week has been a bit quieter than the past two weeks.

Monday we went to corporate worship with YWAM Singapore and this was followed by an afternoon of team time, worshipping, praying for the week and practicing presentations for two chapel services we would do at Geylang Methodist School.

Tuesday evening we went to a hostel managed by a struggling Singaporian Christian and worshipped and encouraged him. He lives on the edge of the red light district.

Wednesday we had a really early start with the first of two chapel services (Yr 3 – 15 yr old) followed by a really powerful corporate intercession time and then some briefings for Celebration of Hope, a large all churches evangelistic series of meetings. The momentum for these has been amazing, especially  with it happening in the middle of Ramadan and on the weekend of Verdak, a big Buddhist celebration.

Yesterday we did chapel again, This time to the 14 yr olds. Both mornings chapel begins at 7.30am. We had a rest day after this, exploring Little India before going home.

We are going to the Ramadan Bazaar near us tonight and are hoping to talk with our cousins.

Tomorrow and Sunday we have early starts as we serve at Celebration of Hope. Can’t believe our time here is almost over but Kuala Lumpur awaits.

Please remember Leonie as she pushes in to see the last of her finances come in and then joins the team next Tuesday evening.

Blessings from a very hot Singapore,