A Really BIG ThankYou!

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have served God for the last fifty-two years of my life. It is, at the same time, a challenge and a privilege. At its heart is the opportunity to know and belong to wonderful people who also want to serve God. This creates a very special kind of family bond. For me, most of the names of those people will not be famous this side of heaven. But they are people I want to boast about and celebrate. They are faithful and faith-filled. They are committed and generous. They are the ones that stand on the edge of a cliff and say, “Yes, we can go forward.”

Experiences like the one we enjoyed last week was an eminent example of this. We were facing a financial shortfall at the end of June of approximately $12,000. Not a bit amount by some comparisons, but big in our world. We had no specific resource we could draw on. We operate on a week-by-week income and expenditure budget. When I mentioned this in church last Sunday week, I asked that we might join together in prayer and ask God to find the way to meet our needs.

I could never have anticipated that the response would be so swift and amazing. In the space of just a few days, that full amount had been given and then some; more than we needed for our June commitments (but it will help us in July). People gave generously and anonymously. They did so in the spirit of Jesus’ teaching in the sermon on the mount: lovingly, wholeheartedly and without the need to draw attention. I spent the next few days trying to figure out who those generous people might be. But I soon realised that anonymous means they didn’t want to be known and gave it up. What anonymous does mean is we can all celebrate what they have done together. Anonymous giving is like that – it produces gratitude that binds people together.

So I wanted to send out another call to you (I hope everyone will get to read this). I want you to rejoice in God’s favour and in the love and generosity of people in our church. We have an amazingly generous congregation.  Many people regularly give, especially online.  Then when times like this come, they give again.

I want to thank God for them and sincerely appreciate what they have done. It is such faithfulness as this that has enabled us to “punch above our weight” for many years. 

We know that God will never be surpassed when it comes to the matter of giving. May we all be challenged to discover the reality of what Paul spoke about when he quoted words of Jesus not recorded in any of the gospels: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) Be blessed everyone.

Thank you !!!

Brian Medway on behalf of all of us.