Storyline Session Seven

Can you believe it? We’re up to Session Seven! We have a few bits and pieces you’ll need to look at ahead of this week’s session.

The Kingdom of Israel –

Here are two short video’s to watch – First Samuel Introduction Second Samuel Introduction


We will talk about the issues relating to God being revealed as sponsoring horrible violence – as discussed in Session 6 Teaching video (if you haven’t watched it, please do so before this next session)

The Power Point and notes for this session are below. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Storyline Series Session Six

Brian is away in Melbourne this week so he has pre-recorded tonight’s Storyline Session. Here is the link to the YouTube clip Below is the link to the document to go with tonight’s session.

Storyline Series Session Five

Hasn’t this series been absolutely fantastic????? Here is the document that Steve used for Session Five.

Storyline Series Session Four

Hi Fabulous People! Here are the links to the docs you will need for Session Four of the Storyline Series.

Mr Holland’s Opus

We thought it might be helpful for people to have an opportunity to watch Mr Holland’s Opus after it was mentioned as part of Brian’s message on Sunday. Please give the Grace Office a yell if you have any questions.

Mother’s Day 2020 Video

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing mums. We love you and thank you for everything you do and are! Please click on the link to go to our special video we have prepared for you all.

Storyline Series – Session 3

Hasn’t this been a great series so far! Here is the PowerPoint for Session 3.

Sunday Morning With A Difference

This Sunday we are going to be doing something a little different. We thought instead of sending an email we’d do a quick video to let you know what’s happening. Please give us a yell if you have any questions or concerns! Here’s the link

The Old Testament in 8 Minutes

Here is the video that was shown in the Storyline Series tonight

Storyline Series Session 2

Hey folks, here are some docs you will need for the ongoing Storyline Series we are currently doing online at Grace from 7 pm Thursday nights. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems downloading them.