Sunday 24th June – Townhall Meeting

Hi Family, unfortunately, this is only a partial recording of Sunday’s Townhall meeting regarding our future accommodation options but hopefully, it will still give you an idea about where we’re at to date. Please feel free to contact the Grace Office or one of the Leadership Team if you have any questions. Don’t forget that we are praying each day at 7 am and 7 pm about this issue and Brian is coordinating a prayer meeting at Grace @ 7 am Wednesday mornings as well.

Sunday 15th April 2018

Set-Up - Brian Medway

Communion - George Family

Morning Tea - Jean Hatherly & Nanama Adjei

Worship/AV - Team Cathy, Steve Watts

KFC - In recess for School Holidays

Lock-Up - Ian Morland

MC - Rachel Horne

Volunteers are love in motion! Thank you, as always!

Sunday 8th April 2018

Set-Up - Evans Lagudah & Ebenezer Adjei

Communion - Rachel Horne

Morning Tea - Liz Nannelli & Rachel Horne

Worship/AV - Team Brian, Jim Pearson

KFC - Nick & Linda Walshe, Demetri Neidorf

Lock-Up - Kevin Miller

MC - Rebecca George

Thank you so much to all of you who so lovingly serve on our Rosters – you are AMAZING!!!!

Sunday 1st April – Easter Sunday

Set-Up - Luke Stamos

Communion - Vicky Lincoln

Morning Tea - Younwa Yoon & Rachel Horne

Worship/AV - Team Demetri, Jim & Jill Pearson

Kid’s Church - Casten & Rumiko Makochekanwa

Lock-Up - Wayne Barlow

MC - Luke Stamos

The key to how successfully our rosters work rests in people like you, who embody the attitude of Jesus by giving of yourselves each week. Thanks for your inspiring dedication and tremendous example to others.

Sunday 25th March

Set-Up - Aaron Makochekanwa

Communion - Heather Tomlinson

Morning Tea - Kid’s Church

Worship/AV - Team Cathy, Lyn Brown

Kid’s Church - Noel & Bingo, Glen Smith

Lock-Up - Peter Kalmar & Les Atyeo

MC - Leonie Watts

Volunteers are love in motion! Time is precious and we are so grateful to those of you who give up your time to serve us so faithfully! xoxox

Spiritual Foundations Session 4

This is Session Four of our series on Spiritual Foundations and Casten brings us a great message on Kingdom of God Community.

Sunday 11th February

Set-Up - Evans Lagudah & Ebenezer Adjei

Communion - Rachel Horne

Morning Tea - Liz Nanelli & Rachel Horne

Worship/AV - Team Cathy, Leonie Watts


Lock-Up - Kevin Miller

Thanks again to those who serve us so faithfully every week at Grace. WE LOVE YOU!


Sunday 4th February

Set-Up - Luke Stamos

Communion - Vicky Lincoln

Morning Tea - Rachel Horne

Worship/AV - Team Brian, Jill Pearson

KFC - Glen Smith

Lock-Up - Peter Kalmar

Here’s to the heroes here at Grace Canberra, the volunteers who do what they can to make sure we run as smoothly as we do! May you feel the gratitude in our hearts for all of the good that they’ve done and do. The appreciation that we all feel for them is truly second to none.


Spiritual Foundations Session 3

This week the amazing Rebecca gives us a great message on the Holy Spirit as Session 3 of our series on Spiritual Foundations.

Spiritual Foundations Session 2

This is Session 2 of our new series on Spiritual Foundations and Rachel looks at the story of the Good Samaritan.