A Little News From Korea

Better late than never, but we have a great video from Brian’s time in Korea. He survived the minus nine days and had a great time with our brothers and sisters in Korea. We also have a few photos with a familiar face or two.

Just click on the following link https://youtu.be/K8wOsrWxEiI

Korea 1 Korea

Anointing Sunday

This coming Sunday is our “Anointing Sunday” and we are really excited about what God has in store for us on that day. We will have a special guest Paul Le Lievre who has visited with us before. Just in case you needed a little more info or encouragement to be there here’s a link to a message from our fearless Leader Glen Smith.


Hoping to see you there.


Working Bee @ Nations Heart

What does church unity look like? It looks like a working bee where a bunch of churches came together to help pull down an old food hut so that the new one could be started. Here’s what Casten had to say –
“I thought it was a great sign of unity for us to respond to our Nations Heart brothers and sisters call for help. I was so blessed by how all of the 15 brothers and 2 sisters from 3+ churches teamed up to serve the Lord together. It felt so natural and so awesome! Loved it! I want to see more of this.”

Hearing & Applying the Prophetic Session Three

Casten continues our new series on hearing and applying the prophetic with a great message about how our words prophesy our future.

Hearing & Applying the Prophetic Session Two

This week Rachel looks at the story of Peter and John healing the lame man and speaking prophetically into hopeless situations.

Hearing & Applying the Prophetic Session One

New Year, new series. As we start 2019 we are looking at a series on hearing and applying the prophetic and Brian kicks us off with a great message about Deborah.

Grace Canberra Thanksgiving Service

We have so much to be thankful for in 2018 and Rebecca led us with a great message about always giving thanks to God in all circumstances as the last message for 2018 – way to our with a BANG!

Grace Canberra Very Multicultural Christmas Service

At Grace Canberra we love Christmas and we love our Multicultural Heritage and we LOVE the opportunity to combine the two which we did this week in our very special service.

Spiritual Warfare Session Eight

This is our last session in our series on Spiritual Warfare and Steve Watts ends with a bang and a great message on walking the talk and getting “pickled”!

Spiritual Warfare Session Seven

This week Casten gives us a great message about listening to the prompts of the Holy Spirit as a weapon of Spiritual Warfare.