Sunday 24th June – Townhall Meeting

Hi Family, unfortunately, this is only a partial recording of Sunday’s Townhall meeting regarding our future accommodation options but hopefully, it will still give you an idea about where we’re at to date. Please feel free to contact the Grace Office or one of the Leadership Team if you have any questions. Don’t forget that we are praying each day at 7 am and 7 pm about this issue and Brian is coordinating a prayer meeting at Grace @ 7 am Wednesday mornings as well.

Spiritual Foundations Session 4

This is Session Four of our series on Spiritual Foundations and Casten brings us a great message on Kingdom of God Community.

Spiritual Foundations Session 3

This week the amazing Rebecca gives us a great message on the Holy Spirit as Session 3 of our series on Spiritual Foundations.

Spiritual Foundations Session 2

This is Session 2 of our new series on Spiritual Foundations and Rachel looks at the story of the Good Samaritan.

Special Guest Speaker

This week we were incredibly blessed to have a guest speaker from the Canberra International Church, Katrina, share her story and the work she does at Rose House.

Spiritual Foundations – Session One

New Year and a new series! This week Glen kicks off our new series on Spiritual Foundations with a great message on finding your spiritual rhythm.

Spiritual Warfare Sunday 8th October

This week we were incredibly blessed to have two speakers who gave us an incredible message on Spiritual Warfare ahead of our prayer meeting this Thursday night.

Book of Romans Series – Chapter 13

This week Nick looks at Romans Chapter 13 as we draw near to the end of this fabulous series. Don’t miss this wonderful message on honoring authorities and making sure our “compass” always faces north!

Notices Sunday 2nd April

Here is this week’s notices good people! As always please contact the Grace Office if you have any questions or concerns on either 02 6103 0100 or 0447 632 844 or via email

Book of Phlippians Session Six

This week we had a great message on connecting the dots from our very own Steve Watts as we continue our series on The Book Of Philippians.