Easter Supper Online

Dear Grace family,

Can you believe this is Easter.  I think this will be remembered for a whole lot of different reasons than the fact that we take this time to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to honour what he accomplished for the world that he loves.

So we want to make sure we celebrate this in the ways we are able to do so.  There was a relaxation of the gathering regulations for churches, much like the first week when we sat chairs two metres apart in our room.

We have decided to stick to our online mode of gathering and hope that you will be able to join us for 


This will be an online MEETING (as we have been doing each day during the week at lunch time) rather than the WEBINAR style meeting we have opted for on Sundays.  It means we will be able to see one another on our screens, albeit in a slightly limited way.

Zoom have tightened up their security systems due to some suggestions that their system was open to being hacked.  They have done this now and I think it will be quite okay.  All they were able to do was to listen and watch.  We are happy for anyone to listen and watch what we will be saying and doing.  There is no increased chance that they will have access to your personal information.

As a result you will now need to do two things:

1.  You will need to register – i.e. the link will take you to a registration page (you can register any time and its best to register beforehand).  You just need to put your name and email address – and that will only be seen by us – information we will probably have anyway.

2.  You will need to put in a password, which will be sent to you when you register.

Here is the link to the registration page.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Socially Isolated But Not Disconnected


 Hello everyone,

Here are the details for logging in to the Grace Canberra Sunday Worship Gathering.  These details will be the same for our Sunday meeting for the coming weeks until the restrictions related to COVID-19 are changed.  The video livestream will be live from 9:30 am (so that you can deal with bugs and other IT mysteries).  The service will not commence until 10:00 am. 

It will be available using Zoom Video Webinar (also Grace Canberra Facebook Live).

Grace Canberra Sunday Livestream   (Zoom Video Webinar)

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Or iPhone one-tap :
    Australia: +61280156011,,658248348#  or +61370182005,,658248348#
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        Australia: +61 2 8015 6011  or +61 3 7018 2005  or +61 8 7150 1149
        Korea, Republic of: +82 2 6022 2322  or +82 2 6105 4111
    Webinar ID: 658 248 348
    International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/abk9LCbLLU

Grace Canberra Sunday Livestream  (GraceCanberra Facebook page)



Lunchtime Link:           Monday to Friday 12:00 to 12:30 pm
Go to  Zoom.us  in your web browser
                                    Click on “Join a Meeting”
                                    Insert this number:  3321816398 in the Meeting Number Box

Night Time Network: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm
                                    Go to Zoom.us in your web browser
                                    Click on “Join a Meeting”
                                    Insert this number:  3321816398 in the Meeting Number Box

All of this might take a little work and some upskilling to accomplish, but it is important and well worth the effort.  If you need help we will be more than happy to guide you through the steps. 

It is important that we stay safe and keep other safe.  It is also important that we respond to the challenges in a way that is worthy of our calling as servants of Jesus Christ and citizens of the kingdom of God.

We will be in touch with you about these and other matters in the coming days.  We are praying that Australians everywhere will be served by a church that knows what to do and how to do it – that is the Jesus way:    “Let your light shine before people so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 5).  Like the Persian queen, Esther we need to understand that we were “called to the kingdom for such a time as this.” (Esther 4)

See you on Sunday OR at lunchtime OR one evening during the week.

Even though we are unable to be together, we are still encouraging people to tithe. You can do that via bank transfer to the Grace Account –

Westpac Bank
BSB: 032727
ACC: 175318

or post a cheque, or give us a call and we can come and pick it up. Please give us a yell if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Brian Medway

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A Really BIG ThankYou!

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have served God for the last fifty-two years of my life. It is, at the same time, a challenge and a privilege. At its heart is the opportunity to know and belong to wonderful people who also want to serve God. This creates a very special kind of family bond. For me, most of the names of those people will not be famous this side of heaven. But they are people I want to boast about and celebrate. They are faithful and faith-filled. They are committed and generous. They are the ones that stand on the edge of a cliff and say, “Yes, we can go forward.”

Experiences like the one we enjoyed last week was an eminent example of this. We were facing a financial shortfall at the end of June of approximately $12,000. Not a bit amount by some comparisons, but big in our world. We had no specific resource we could draw on. We operate on a week-by-week income and expenditure budget. When I mentioned this in church last Sunday week, I asked that we might join together in prayer and ask God to find the way to meet our needs.

I could never have anticipated that the response would be so swift and amazing. In the space of just a few days, that full amount had been given and then some; more than we needed for our June commitments (but it will help us in July). People gave generously and anonymously. They did so in the spirit of Jesus’ teaching in the sermon on the mount: lovingly, wholeheartedly and without the need to draw attention. I spent the next few days trying to figure out who those generous people might be. But I soon realised that anonymous means they didn’t want to be known and gave it up. What anonymous does mean is we can all celebrate what they have done together. Anonymous giving is like that – it produces gratitude that binds people together.

So I wanted to send out another call to you (I hope everyone will get to read this). I want you to rejoice in God’s favour and in the love and generosity of people in our church. We have an amazingly generous congregation.  Many people regularly give, especially online.  Then when times like this come, they give again.

I want to thank God for them and sincerely appreciate what they have done. It is such faithfulness as this that has enabled us to “punch above our weight” for many years. 

We know that God will never be surpassed when it comes to the matter of giving. May we all be challenged to discover the reality of what Paul spoke about when he quoted words of Jesus not recorded in any of the gospels: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) Be blessed everyone.

Thank you !!!

Brian Medway on behalf of all of us.

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