A Jesus Looking Church – Session 10

This week we wrap up our series on A Jesus Looking Church. Brian looks at Apostolic Essence – Supernatural Power.

Faith Killers Session One – The Word From Heaven

We have a new resource available – video based on Brian’s One Way FM Series, ready now for your viewing pleasure!

James Session #6

This week Brian continues our series in James, finishing off James 3.


James Session #5

This week Glen continues our discussion from the book of James looking at faith and works.


James: Session #4

This week Brian pushes into James 2 with the challenges of avoiding tribalism. MP3 audio below… and we’ll get the powerpoint embedded shortly. Until then, here’s a link to James 2 #1 THE TERROR OF TRIBALISM.



James Session #3

This week Brian continues our journey through James. العب روليت The end of this message was truncated by a power outage (!), but there’s still lots of great content in here. Powerpoint and MP3 audio below.

You: A Series on James #1

Often when the Bible speaks about “You” it’s speaking about “Us” – in collective. In this series, we look at the book of James and  talk about processing God’s Word in community. You can download THE LETTER OF JAMES in PDF format.